I CARE International History

Our History

I Care International, Inc. grew from the experience and dreams of people dedicated to helping others. I Care International was formed in 1989 by Illinois Optometrists, the late Dr. Philip Ortiz, the late Dr. Charles D. Cools, and a group people as a nonprofit volunteer organization whose mission was to provide eye care services to less fortunate men, women and children around the world. Since then, vision professionals and scores of volunteers have ventured to sites in both Latin America and the United States to provide tens of thousands of people with free eye care, medications and glasses. Volunteers have served in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and California.

I Care's goal is to help others improve their quality of life by providing the gift of better vision and health. From the little boy who smiles because now he sees the clouds in the sky, to the older lady who cries because now she can sew and have an income, I Care International is changing lives one by one.